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Cassidy's Present by Sue Mateer

Sue Mateer is a parent, daughter, sister, friend and now author—always grateful for the people in her life.  She enjoys exploring, volunteering, gardening, reading, and of course, spending time with Cassidy.

Cassidyan Aussie-border collie mix, is a fun loving rescue pup who enjoys running and being playful—she is always present in the moment.

Tenny Ostrem, illustrator of Cassidy's Present, is an enthusiast and student of the world.  She actively pursues her passions through travel and living in a variety of locations.  She constantly strives to capture the detail and beauty of life's special moments through artwork.

April Stutters, licensed clinical social worker, is a public school counselor and child adolescent therapist.  She provided many of the resources in Cassidy's Present.