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Green Belly Foods

Green Belly started when Juan shared his mother’s traditional Guatemalan hot sauce. Maria del Carmen's home-made hot sauces instantly became a hit with Juan's friends. They were blown away by the unique cilantro, garlic and habanero blend.

The sauce is so fresh and tasty that Juan was bombarded with requests. Eventually his friends convinced him to start selling at the local farmer’s markets. So he opened up a tent at the market, people loved it and his business has been growing ever since! During that time, he recruited his cousin Charlie to help him with the fledgling business. Charlie’s minor from CU’s Leeds School of Business and his experience with a wine startup came in very handy.

It's been 3 years of hard work and constant determination to keep this growing. The most important contributions we've received have been the continuous love and support from our customers who crave our sauces. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way!

Our Guatemalan connection is especially rewarding because we directly contribute to developing economies, and facilitate entrepreneurial growth in neglected parts of the world. We are bringing business directly to hard working people that are propelling their families out of poverty.

Sustainability is important for everyone, especially food producers. We are conscious about where our ingredients come from, and look to find producers who take full ecosystems into account. We look for products that are better than organic. Organic certification takes great steps to motivate the production of healthy food. However, this certification has holes, which is why we create relationships with the producers themselves, so that we can be sure we are providing you the freshest and healthiest foods.