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We’re Mark and James Aleks, two brothers from East Longmeadow, a little town west of Boston. A friend invited us to Denver and we fell in love with Colorado. Denver was everything we wanted and more, but we were met with an unexpected challenge — the altitude gave us intense pressure headaches; we felt exhausted every time we exercised; and happy hours made waking up a misery. Trying to deal with this issue sent us rummaging through pharmacy shelves, considering painkillers and wondering how, or if, we could kick this problem. It didn’t take long before we realized that every so-called solution led to a new set of problems —potentially bigger and more permanent issues. When we finally put our recovery supplements on the market in late 2008, we already had a fan base of people just like us, who didn’t want to pay the price of their health to have awesome days and nights, as well as bright-eyed mornings.