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Carter Galyardt, Rowan Steger, and Colin Patterson holding their DECA State second place award in front of The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Colin Patterson(left), Rowan Steger(middle), and Carter Galyardt(right) are three high school students and striving entrepreneurs. We saw an issue, the once bustling main streets are slowly fading away due to the convenience of larger, name brand, chain stores, and we came up with a solution. If it were just as easy to find and buy local goods as larger stores, not only will more money stay in the local economy, but you will no longer have to watch your favorite small businesses slowly fade away until they are gone for good.
We are a local business based out of Fort Collins, Colorado that is dedicated to helping the local economy grow and thrive. We partner with small business owners in the Colorado area and list their products on our website to make getting all of your favorite local goods as easy as clicking a button!